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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft protection protects against NSF fees and embarrassment associated with "bounced checks". You can select another checking, share, or signature credit line to be used for automatic transfer in the event funds are not available to pay an item.

New checking accounts are automatically enrolled with Savings as the designated Overdraft Protection source unless requested otherwise. To make changes or add additional sources for Overdraft Protection, stop by or call 619-588-1515.

How Does Overdraft Work?

  • Your checking account is linked to another East County Schools account such as savings, a separate checking account, or a signature credit line.
  • If you have an overdraft, the credit union will automatically transfer money into your checking account from the linked account(s) to cover the amount of the overdraft.
  • Transfers cost one $2.00 fee/day


  • No fee to enroll and no charge if you never make an overdraft
  • Overdraft transfers are made in $100 increments (or account balance if under $100)

How to get Overdraft on My Primary Account

Overdraft Protection is automatic from your Savings account, unless you decline or don't set it up at the time of account opening. If you would like Overdraft Protection, or confirmation that you have it, text or call (619) 588-1515.

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Members LoveECSFCU!

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    Kevin Miller likes to connect good people to great resources. He’s been an enthusiastic fan of East County Schools Federal Credit Union since 2013 when we were known to the education community as Grossmont Schools Federal Credit Union, more than five years ago. “Every person I’ve referred to ECSFCU has raved about the lower rates, better terms and great treatment they get.” From amazing auto loan rates to 0% interest classroom loans, he says, “There has never been a dropped ball or bad experience for anyone I’ve ever referred to ECSFCU.”


    Kevin Miller - Administrative Pastor of Foothills Christian Church