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Getting paid 15 days early every month excitement is about:
Paying monthly bills on time and worry free, or
Investing & earning interest for an extra two weeks every month, or
Enjoying retirement without waiting all month for pension or social security checks
MyPay15 is convenient and the right choice for many of our members. Find out if it's right for you too!

Get your monthly paycheck 15 days early
Get access to your monthly pay 15 days early

Receive half of each monthly paycheck 15 days early.

Why wait for payday. It's your money, use it now.

MyPay15 Signature Credit Line is available to all ECSFCU members working or retired who have a monthly paycheck*

Monthly advances 15 days before payday will be up to (the lesser of):
1)  50% of your prior month's district payroll Direct Deposit to ECSFCU; or
2)  Your approved MyPay15 credit line limit; or

Automatic. Advances every month are automatic. Specific months, as determined by the member during MyPay15 Line of Credit opening, may be excluded.

No cost to transfer. No cost to enroll and no monthly cost. The cost to transfer on the scheduled monthly advance date is $0.00

Get Started Today: Step One: Open a free East County Schools FCU Checking or eChecking account and direct deposit to ECSFCU (if you haven't already) Step Two: Select the "Apply for a Loan" button above and choose MyPay15 from your computer or mobile device.

Payment. The advanced funds will be due to the credit union on your regular payday. If your monthly payroll direct deposit is not sufficient to make your full payment, you will be charged interest at the Annual Percentage Rate on your disclosure statement for the amount unpaid. If your month-end payroll deposit covers your advanced funds, there are no costs.

Minimum. Monthly advance minimum is $100.

Members may take advantage of MyPay15 or MyPayNow, but not both programs at the same time.


* MyPay15 is a Signature Line of Credit and is subject to credit approval. A $5.00 Savings deposit is required to open your credit union membership and monthly payroll direct deposit of at least $200. $10,000 is the maximum monthly advance. There are no fees associated with opening a checking account, opening a MyPay15 Line of Credit, nor taking the monthly advance. Advanced funds will be due to the credit union at that month’s payroll distribution to avoid interest due. If transfer is not paid back in full on payday due date, the next month's transfer will not occur. Balances remaining on MyPay15 Line of Credit after the payroll posting date will incur an interest charge based on member's credit rating and as disclosed at the time of account set up. Rates are subject to change; rates are a minimum of 10.5%APR and a maximum of 17.5%APR as of January 1, 2023. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Interest for unpaid monthly transfer begins accruing at due date and the alternative minimum payment amount, based on the outstanding balance, is in the Line of Credit Agreement and Disclosure provided at account set up.

Apply online for MyPay15 now

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    From the beginning of the process to the day of funding, Suzy and her assistant, Lance, were exactly what anyone would hope for when refinancing their home. They responded to all my questions with patience and in a timely manner. They let me know what to expect and when to expect it every step of the way. I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received. Thank you Suzy and Lance for making this so easy!


    Elissa Ellis-MacLeod, on her ECSFCU home refinance