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CSESAP Loan Program

Classified School Employees Summer Assistance Program (CSESAP)

    Take advantage of the CSESAP:  Match your 2022 Summer Savings and keep your full paycheck!


    How it Works:

    1. From Sept. 2021 through June 2022, you can elect to set aside up to 10% of your annual pay and place it into your CSESAP account.

    2. Each month on payday, East County Schools FCU (ECSFCU) will deposit an equivalent amount into your ECSFCU checking account.

    3. The amount received from ECSFCU is a loan and interest will accrue on the balance; interest is paid monthly to ECSFCU. Maximum loan value is $5,000.00.

    4. Summer of 2022, when you receive your CSESAP summer check(s), the loan to ECSFCU comes due for repayment.

    CSESAP Loan is available to all eligible classified employees!

    website CSESAP example

    Participation Guidelines:

    1. Elect to participate in the CSESAP program with your employer and select a monthly contribution.

    2. Employees must have (or open) an East County Schools FCU membership and checking account. This can be opened in-branch, CU2U (we come to you), or online at www.EastCountySchools.org prior to CSESAP Loan processing.

    3. Enroll in Direct-Deposit for your net paycheck ($500 minimum) to ECSFCU prior to CSESAP Loan.

    4. Notify East County Schools FCU that you will be participating in this CSESAP Loan program by calling or texting 619-588-1515 or online by contacting us here and leaving your name, district and the best way to contact you.

    5. Employee must show proof-of-contribution from their first paycheck to establish the loan amount and receive their first advance.

    Submit your enrollment request online or via phone to ensure you don't miss out.


    *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All terms and conditions of the one-time funding Classified School Employee Summer Assistance Program (CSESAP) will apply. Estimated California Department of Education matching percentage will not be known until June 2021. Interest on the CSESAP loan will be payable monthly via automatic deduction at month-end. If the employee opts out of the CSESAP program prior to June 2022, the loan must be paid back from the CDE distribution.

    Additional Examples**

    Monthly CSESAP Contribution

    $100.00 $200.00 $300.00 $400.00 $500.00

    Annual CSESAP Pledge












    Forecast CSESAP Match












    Total CSESAP Distribution












    Total Annual  Interest Due












    Total Repayment of ECSFCU Loan












    Net Benefit to Employee $963.24 $1,926.49 $2,889.73 $3,852.98 $4,816.22

    **Examples above assume

    • July 31, 2022 payout,
    • Dollar for dollar CSESAP match from California Department of Education (CDE)
    • Completion of CSESAP program where ECS monthly loan advance equals CSESAP employee contributions

    Contributions may be up to $5,000 per year

    Interest is paid monthly at 8.00%APR APR = Annual Percentage Rate

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    Members LoveECSFCU!

    • Cathy Sprecco with Koala - Australia 2015

      I had a fantastic trip to Switzerland and Austria this past summer with East County Schools FCU and the SD East County Chamber of Commerce. This was my 6th trip with this fun group! The Educator Tour, guided by the infamous Steve Devan, is the perfect way to truly see and experience any country. The train ride through the Alps was a personal favorite and such an amazing experience. Seeing and hearing cows and goats with real bells grazing on the side of the mountains made me want to sing a favorite "Sound of Music" song and look for Heidi or her grandpa around every turn! I really felt immersed in the culture. The extra servings of warm apple strudel helped too!

       I am a single traveler and all worries are put aside on these well-coordinated trips. Almost everything is taken care of for the travelers so I always feel spoiled! The fellow Educator Tour travelers that I have met from other districts and other walks of life have become my life-long friends! These trips are so dear to me that I have a separate savings travel account where I dedicate a small monthly amount to be ready for the next country!

      Come join us!

      Cathy Sprecco - First Grade Teacher in Lakeside Union School District