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GHS 100 Year 2020 Thumbnail photo
ECVHS 2020 thumbnail

2019 Videos

Pepper Drive PE Barb Knoll 2019
chris Walsh thumbnail
San Miguel Elementary Mrs Bruner Playground Partners 2019 Lemon Grove
Integrated Math Innovation Award 2019 thumbnail
El Cap Leadership Innovation 2019
Alpine McIntyre 2019 thumbnail
GCCCD Cuyamaca Water Studies 2019
Jim Plum and Ramona High School Fusion students
IDEA Myths vs Realities Innovation & Collaboration Award 2018

2018 Videos

Resiliency Project Thumbnail 2018
Congressional Mock Trial 2018
Lakeside Facilitators 2018 video thumbnail
Potrero 2018 thumbnail
Watch Dehesa School Computer Science Immersion Academy 2018 video
Watch Steele Canyon HS Say Something 2018 video
watch Daisy Delacruz SSDF 2018 video
Watch Valhalla Jon Owens TV, Media & Film video
Watch Monte Vista Automotive Technology video
Watch Cajon Valley Maker Bus video
Watch La Mesa Spring Valley Lift Program video
Watch Rachel Kenny Joins ECSFCU BOD video
Watch Bostonia Language Academy video
Watch Hill Creek School Culinary Class video

2017 Videos

Watch GCCCD Office Professional Training Video
Watch Mt Miguel HS Ninth Grade Academy Video
Watch Spring Valley Academy - Service Learning video
Watch Mountain Empire FFA and Kelly Tulloch's Ag Program Video
Watch Lakeside Teachers Assoc Breakfast video
Watch Lakeside Rodeo - Ann McKay, Darin Curtis, Scott Goergens Video
Watch Grossmont High School East County Schools Innovation Award Spring 2017 Video
Lemon Grove UCSD Free Clinic 2017
Watch Sycamore Canyon Elementary Wicking Garden Video
Watch TEDx Kids in Cajon Valley USD video
Watch LMAAC Choral Program and more! Video
Watch Elite Academy GUHSD Video
Watch Santana High School Engineering Pathway Video

2016 Videos

Global Language LP GUHSD 2016

Financial Education

Financial Foundations

 Could you use an easy explanation of the basics? These short, understandable lessons will help you to make better decisions related to managing your money. Titles include: Checking Accounts, Car Loans, Preventing Overdraft Fees, Credit Cards, Mobile and Online Banking and Why You Should Pay More than the Minimum Balance on your Credit Card.

Financial Foundations Articles

Building Financial Capacity

Adulting can feel overwhelming at times! Select from short but comprehensive modules on Creating a Budget, Credit Scores & Reports, Taxes: the Basics, Healthy Financial Habits, Debt Management, Identity Protection and How to Start Family Conversations about Money.

Building Financial Capacity Articles

Owning a Home

Home Ownership can feel overwhelming. Talk to us any time, but these articles will also educate you about the benefits and costs of all aspects of owning a home. Learn about Buying a Home, Mortgages, Mortgage Relief, Investment Property, Reverse Mortgages and Refinances.

Owning a Home Articles

Investing in Your Future

Are you prepared for college tuition, one of life's emergencies or a comfortable retirement? Explore important financial planning topics like 529 plans, Emergency Savings, Health Savings Accounts, Sustainable Investing, IRA's, Estate Planing, and the FIRE Lifestyle.

Investing in Your Future Modules

Preparing for Retirement Modules

Members LoveECSFCU!

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    My Loan Officer, Mireya, is truly an asset to ECSFCU. She is competent, articulate, sweet and compassionate. When there was an error in the payoff of my car, Mireya personally took a credit union check and drove it to the dealer to correct it, the same day. We are thankful for the time and effort she put into this important transaction.  That’s customer service, and she is leading the pack!



    Jack Charles, Grossmont High School District, retired