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Receive your initial paycheck TODAY with a 0.00%APR loan until your first payday

MyPayNewHire loans are available to all new hire employees of the school districts we serve.

This 0.00% APR rate / low percentage rate loan is designed to "bridge the gap" between when a new employee starts working, and when they receive their first paycheck. Upon loan approval, receive your first paycheck amount immediately.

  • 0.00% APR interest for up to 60 days*
  • Loan amounts may be up to 100% of monthly gross pay, up to $5,000
  • Optional payoff plan:
    • With full repayment of loan at first paycheck: pay no interest
    • Select to repay $0 or a portion of your first paycheck, and continue to make monthly payments on the balance for up to 24 months at a low interest rate**
  • This loan offer is available for all new school district employees during the first 60 days of employment
  • Loan is subject to membership at ECSFCU with a Checking Account and District Direct Deposit***

This loan was previously offered as our "Advance Payroll Loan"

* Interest will begin accruing on outstanding balance, as of the first payment due date (45 – 60 days after date of loan funding), if the loan is not paid in full on or before that date. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

** All loans subject to Loan Approval. The interest rate on your loan after the 0.00%APR interest period is based on your creditworthiness. Other terms and conditions may apply.

*** $5.00 deposit is required to open your credit union membership with a share savings account, and a $25.00 deposit is required to also open a Checking Account.

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Members LoveECSFCU!

  • Kevin Miller original headshot-01

    Kevin Miller likes to connect good people to great resources. He’s been an enthusiastic fan of East County Schools Federal Credit Union since 2013 when we were known to the education community as Grossmont Schools Federal Credit Union, more than five years ago. “Every person I’ve referred to ECSFCU has raved about the lower rates, better terms and great treatment they get.” From amazing auto loan rates to 0% interest classroom loans, he says, “There has never been a dropped ball or bad experience for anyone I’ve ever referred to ECSFCU.”


    Kevin Miller - Administrative Pastor of Foothills Christian Church