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Trust Accounts

Trust Accounts ensure that after you are gone, your loved ones will get access to the funds with much less hassle. If you have a trust, placing your East County Schools accounts within your trust is easy!

Apply online to open a trust account and bring the following documentation in to one of our branches:

  • Current, valid driver's license, state or federally-issued ID card, or passport (Trustor, all Trustees)
  • Death certificate for deceased trustees (if applicable)
  • Exact name of the Trust
  • Date the Trust was established (generally included in the name)
  • Names, addresses and social security numbers of Trust Successor/trustees
  • Page from your Trust paperwork showing who is the Trustor, Trustees and Successor Trustees

Deposits are insured up to $250,000 by NCUA.
Assets are protected from probate and estate taxes.

What accounts can I open in the name of my trust?
Checking, Savings, and Certificate deposit accounts

What is a trustor or a trustee?
The trustor/grantor/settlor is the person who created the trust. The trustee is the person who manages the assets in the trust. In some cases, the current trustee may not be the original trustor.

Can I add an existing trust as a beneficiary?
Yes. You can designate a trust as the beneficiary for your personal accounts. Fill in the Additional Services Request form with the name of the trust using the exact name of the trust and trust TIN or EIN number. Return the original form to our branch.


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