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Scam Red Flags

Please be advised that there is an active scam whereby the scammers may be spoofing ECSFCU’s phone number, 619-588-1515, and attempting to convince our members that there are fraudulent transactions from Amazon or other various merchants being attempted on your account. The scammer then attempts to persuade members to give up private information and account details.

 You can fight back on this type of crime!

 If you receive a call from ECSFCU or any other business that is requesting private information from you, it is best that you HANG UP and call the Credit Union (or other business) back at a phone number that you know and trust. If the caller is legitimate, they will completely understand and encourage your diligence. Only a bad guy will be upset that you are protecting yourself.

When ECSFCU calls you, we will never ask for your full Social Security Number, Debit or Credit Card number, Apple verification codes or any other private information that would be unsafe to provide.

 Don’t fall victim – always verify your callers! If you have any questions or think you may have been scammed, call ECSFCU immediately at 619-588-1515.

Red Flags

You didn’t initiate the call. When in doubt, hang up and call the company or credit union yourself.

• The caller is asking for payments or transfers in methods you don’t normally use to pay bills. Never give your account or payment information to a caller. Check your accounts through trusted methods including Online Banking or by calling Member Services.

The caller is threatening or creating a sense of urgency (e.g. you need to pay this now!) This is a key component of many scams. Slow down, take the time to think, and reach out yourself through trusted channels to complete any action.

The caller sends you links rather than directing you to use your normal methods of payment. No legitimate company will request a payment in this manner.

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  • Grant Nelson 2019

    When I became an ECSFCU member, I immediately refinanced my house and got better rates for two cars. East County School employees who are just starting out, this is the best place to be! ECSFCU can help you secure your financial life.

    Grant Nelson - Retired La Mesa Spring Valley Schools 8th Grade History Teacher