Fresh Start Checking Truth-in-Savings Addendum
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Fresh Start Checking Account

Addendum to East County Schools Federal Credit Union

Truth-in-Savings Disclosure and Agreement


General Information: In the following agreement the words "YOU", "YOUR", "YOURS" and "MEMBER" mean each and all of those (whether one or more persons) who are subject to the agreement(s) as a result of signing a Membership Application / Signature Card for this Account. The words "WE", "US", "OUR", "Credit Union" and "ECSFCU" mean the EAST COUNTY SCHOOLS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION.

Minimum Balance To Open: A minimum initial deposit of $20.00 is required to open a New Start Checking Account.

Minimum Balance Requirement: None.

Dividend Rates: This account is a non-interest bearing account.

Electronic Services Limitations: You will be limited to $300 per day for Debit Card POS or ATM Transactions. You will be limited to $300 per day for Signature Debit Transactions.

The Mobile Check Deposit feature on the ECSFCU Mobile App is unavailable for this account type.

Fees And Charges: Refer to our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Additional Terms And Conditions: Direct deposit of your payroll check is required. Excessive overdrafts or mishandling of the account, at the credit union's sole discretion, is cause for immediate account termination.

This is a limited Truth-in-Savings Disclosure and Account Agreement, disclosing additional terms applicable to the Fresh Start Checking product only. View all disclosure and account information.

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  • Marcel Becker testimonial
    What mattered to me, was that I needed the money to buy a motorhome, and I needed it now. This is the fastest I've ever experienced for a loan. It's never been this easy or this pleasant and I could tell that this was simply the way ECSFCU serves all of their members; it's their culture. I wasn't a member when I started, but I am now.
    Marcel Becker - General Manager, Trident Maritime Systems and Career Technical Education and Ethics in Business partner with GUHSD