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Seminars in Branch

We invite you to watch the "Having Money is Cool" virtual webinar, available at this YouTube link.

You’ve been meaning to do it, but just never found the time …

Now there IS time, and East County Schools is here to help you teach your teen about finances! 

Our free 20 minute "Having Money is Cool" webinar for teens and young adults will help nudge your child a little closer toward independence. At the end of the webinar, teens will be able to:

  • Create a basic budget
  • Understand how to build their credit
  • Understand why credit scores matter
  • Identify good debt from bad
  • Learn how and why to save more

Now more than ever it’s important to teach children about earning, saving and managing money. Learn more by visiting


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Members LoveECSFCU!

  • Cathy Sprecco with Koala - Australia 2015

    I had a fantastic trip to Switzerland and Austria this past summer with East County Schools FCU and the SD East County Chamber of Commerce. This was my 6th trip with this fun group! The Educator Tour, guided by the infamous Steve Devan, is the perfect way to truly see and experience any country. The train ride through the Alps was a personal favorite and such an amazing experience. Seeing and hearing cows and goats with real bells grazing on the side of the mountains made me want to sing a favorite "Sound of Music" song and look for Heidi or her grandpa around every turn! I really felt immersed in the culture. The extra servings of warm apple strudel helped too!

     I am a single traveler and all worries are put aside on these well-coordinated trips. Almost everything is taken care of for the travelers so I always feel spoiled! The fellow Educator Tour travelers that I have met from other districts and other walks of life have become my life-long friends! These trips are so dear to me that I have a separate savings travel account where I dedicate a small monthly amount to be ready for the next country!

    Come join us!

    Cathy Sprecco - Retired Lakeside Union School District Teacher