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Visa Credit Card Rates

DescriptionClassic & Share Secured RatesPlatinum with CU Rewards RatesPlatinum Choice Rates
Annual Percentage Rate(APR) for PurchasesClassic & Share Secured 12.50%Platinum with CU Rewards 11.50%Platinum*(1) Choice 10.0% to 17.50%
APR for Balance TransfersClassic & Share Secured 12.50%Platinum with CU Rewards 11.50%Platinum*(1) Choice 10.0% to 17.50%
APR for Cash AdvancesClassic &Share Secured 12.50%Platinum with CU Rewards 11.50%Platinum*(1) Choice 10.0% to 17.50%

Penalty APR and when it applies - 17.50%
This APR may be applied to your account when payment becomes 61 days past due.

How long will the penalty APR Apply? If your APR is increased for this reason, the Penalty APR will apply until you make six consecutive minimum payments when due.

How to Avoid Paying Interest on Purchases - Your due date is at least 25 days after the close of the billing cycle.

Minimum Interest Charge - None

How We Will Calculate Your Balance - We use a method called "average daily balance (including new purchase)."

Credit Card tips from the Federal Reserve Board

*The Platinum Choice APR may vary with the market based on the Prime Rate

(1) Rate differential on VISA Platinum Choice based on credit score.


Annual FeeNone
Balance TransferNone
Cash Advance1% of the amount of each cash advance
Foreign TransactionsNone
Late Payment $15.00 after 5 days late
Returned Payment$20.00
Over-the-Credit-LimitNone, you may not exceed your credit limit.
Card Replacement $5.00
Overnight Card/PIN replacement$15.00
Account Research$15.00 per hour

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Members LoveECSFCU!

  • Todd Linke IMG_4888 no wording cropped
    After financing a newly purchased truck with ECS, Todd wrote: Thank you for your efficient and friendly service! I always appreciate the "small bank" customer service, but the "big bank" options!
    Todd Linke, Mount Miguel HS Science Department
  • Karl Danielson 2018
    I've bought three cars through the credit union. They make it very easy, very simple, and you can't beat the interest rate. I highly endorse them, their friendly staff, and the service that East County Schools gives its members!
    Karl Danielson Granite Hills HS Television, Film and Digital Media Teacher
  • ECSFCU is big enough to approve loans with great rates and small enough to provide personal service and products that are important to the educational community.
    Randy Montesanto Grossmont Union High School District
  • We bank with East County Schools Federal Credit Union and learned they also have a great car buying service! We decided to look into it and ended up with the best customer service, an amazing price, no hassle of going to the dealership, and a brand new 2017 Honda Accord Sport! A year later, we were in need of another car for our growing family. It was an easy decision to go with the credit union and New Cars Inc again. The process and customer service didn’t disappoint once again, and we love our new 2018 Honda CRV! A big thank you to New Cars Inc and ECSFCU!
    Carly and Luke Esquerra